A Winter Snow Storm

BBF has been developed and managed for its abundant wildlife that include deer, turkey, black bear, coyote, bob cat and a numerous variety of hawks, falcons and owls, plus both game and song birds. Moose are being seen more frequently; especially on the plateaus of Mt. Riga and Canaan Mountain. The elusive catamount (mountain lion) has been seen by many who live in the NW Corner and on and around the Plateau, including this writer despite the CT DEP claiming do not inhabit the area

Chris P. Janelli's Sighting

by Charlotte Reid; published in The Lakeville Journal

On March 15, 2003, as I was going down the driveway just past the stonewall, I saw a large animal moving through the woods to my right at about my 1 o'clock position to about my 3 o'clock position where it stopped and looked at me.

My initial immediate thought when it caught my attention was coyote, but on closer inspection when it stopped and looked right at me was that it was definitely a mountain lion; there was no mistaking the long tail. It stopped for a long moment as we stared at one another before it bounded away.

The next day with some yellow corn meal and a tape measure, I photographed its 4-pad stride at just under five feet.

All of the individual pad photos showed no claw marks, which unlike a canine, is due to a cat's claws being retracted.