The Water at Bingham Brook Farm

The Mt. Riga Plateau, in addition to Bingham Pond, has two lakes and is a main watershed to the surrounding wetlands that dot the Salisbury landscape.

Watershed map of the Berkshire Taconic Landscape

Drilling for Water

Joe Flood, Eastern States Well Drillers, Inc., Millerton, NY, drilled the well at Bingham Brook Farm in August 1981. In order to secure adequate water for two houses, the well was drilled to a depth of 500 feet at a cost of $6.50 a foot, plus 159 feet of casing at $7.00 a foot. The well produces 12 gallons a minute and has a 40-foot static level. The depth of the well itself acts as a large water reserve. The total cost for the well was $4,448.00. Joe Flood advised that same well at $15 a foot for drilling, plus casing and other incidentals would run well over $10,000.

The photo shows water seepage from the old Scoville ore pit red with rust from the iron.

In March 2006 the Culligan Company retested the water with the following results: Hardness, 6.0 / Iron, <0.1 / PH, 7.5 / TDS, 105.

I surmise that the process of drilling and fracturing the well caused the release of iron into the water and over the last quarter century the iron has been both washed out and settled to the bottom of the well. In any case, iron is no longer a problem.